Sale/Trade 2005 Baja Turbo

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Sale/Trade 2005 Baja Turbo

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Very Clean, and a turbo at that! Great car, my daily driver the past 4 years. Just doing some car swapping in the best interest of my whole family. Everything functions great mechanically. Has a common issue with these years: the fuel-pressure momentarily glitching and causing a "check engine" light that says that gas cap is loose. I clear the code and go right back to work. Timing was changed at 115,000 as recommended. A friend and I did all new shocks and replaced worn bushings as we went through the suspension. I did all the brakes, rotors and pads this year. Touch screen radio with backup camera. Had the hard bed cover when I bought it, I tracked down the bed-extender bar. Some weirdly specific dirt-bag stole my hood scoop cover a couple weeks ago...hard to wrap my brain around...until I started looking for a replacement. They're hard to find, I'm currently on the hunt, and if i find one, It'll be included. I'm also looking at generic covers that don't look out of place. Tires less than a year old. Never seen rust anywhere on this car, also, this car has never had any modifications outside of OEM, so there's no odd things jacked up in that way. The only interior issue is a rip in the driver's seat (pictured)

The only real issue, it's a salvage title. I don't know why. It looks like it was wrecked in Louisiana once upon a time, probably at a time when a used Baja was worth very little on paper, and was totaled before being rescued. But I legit don't know where I'd even point to any evidence of a major accident.

Obviously, I love and care about this car, so I don't need to sell it. But it could make a lot of sense for my little tribe if we do some swapping as my wife's car is getting long in the tooth as well. Hence the premium asking price, I've no reason to rush! But, I'd also listen to a number of trades or trades + cash (depending on the bluebook value of trade vehicle). I'll spell them out below, again, i know it's weirdly specific... but in this situation, I'm not a beggar, I'm a chooser!

posted with pics: ... 50111.html

Trade Considerations:
Honda or Toyota Minivan (AWD a big plus)
Any 4 door pickup 1/2 ton and below with a descent backseat ( Dodge)
Subaru Outback, Crosstrek, or Forrester
4Runners (all years, but as they get older it will get harder to justify!)
-Always had a thing for 1st gen 4 Runners
Land Cruisers --same situation as 4Runners.

and of course, if you've got an interesting swap idea, I'll listen! I'm a reasonable guy!
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