Disabling Daytime Running Lights

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Disabling Daytime Running Lights

Post by SoobyToo58 »

Does anyone know how to disable or turn off the Daytime Running Lights?
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Re: Disabling Daytime Running Lights

Post by kensei »

It depends on which type of headlight you have. If you have the headlight with separate high and low beams (Turbo), it appears that you can just unplug a white connector from near the steering column and leave it disconnected. If you have the headlights that use a single bulb for both high and low (Sport), you will need to clip or remove a wire (blue w/black stripe) from this connector and then reconnect the connector to ensure that the rest of the lighting works. The link below is to the topic on the Outback board, with instructions and discussions on both pros and cons of disabling them.

Disable DRL

Incidentally, if you are in the school of thought that likes the DRL idea, but not using the headlights, I can recommend the DRL-1 module from Daniel Stern. I installed one on my NA Miata earlier this year for more visibility and and very satisfied with it. Straight forward installation, once you locate the right wires, and uses the factory turn signal lights as the DRL, as do many vehicles from the factory. I will be installing one in the Baja soon and disabling the factory headlight DRL's. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer...

DRL-1 Module
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