So you want to use a Cobb Accessport on your turbo Baja?

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So you want to use a Cobb Accessport on your turbo Baja?

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After completing a recent swap and seeing this question asked fairly often I just wanted to post some known things that work.

Turbo bajas have 2 basic options for tuning.

-Open source
-I am not covering this at the time.

-Cobb accessport with use of 04 forester XT or 04 STI ecu.
-MUST BE 04 due to immobilizers and such.
-Manual car needs manual ECU, Auto needs Auto ECU

If switching ECUS your car will run on the new ecu without a tune, but if you have changed any other component you need to be tuned correctly. The only exception to this is if you have swapped your turbo for a VF39 and are running a 2004 STI ecu. As for the forester XT ECU, you can plug a stock ecu into a stock baja chassis and you are good to go.

-have you modified your engine/turbo/fuel/intake/exhaust in any way? you need a tune.
-can you use an off the shelf cobb map? Only if still using the stock engine and your mods match exactly what are listed for the map on the cobb site.

What about cruise control?
-You CAN retain your working cruise control! All you need to do is replace your transmission neutral safety switch with Subaru part number 32008AA074. It is a direct replacement and will work as stock.

I hope this helps and sheds light onto anyone looking to go this route without digging through search results.
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