Has anyone ever fiberglassed?

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Has anyone ever fiberglassed?

Post by cliffhanger »

a few years back ( okay, like 8 ), i did about 4 weeks learning fiberglassing techniques, and the finished product was a custom built hovercraft. i think we used a 5 hp b&s, we made the prop from a 2x4, and we had a local place do the skirt for us. we used a piece of aluminum pipe with a bike handlebar grip for the steering and throttle mechanism, and pretty much everything else was fiberglass. we made the airbox, rudders, and foundation from pink foam insulation that we shaped with our utility knives, and surrounded that with fiberglass. i dont remember how much we used, but i do remember that it was suprisingly lightweight and strong when we were finished. we raced it at rea park back in indiana where i used to live, but we lost pretty badly, b/c we were racing against the hovercraft that rich people buy out of the box. it was so much fun though, it was def worth it. anyway, i am thinking about trying to make a custom fiberglass cover for my baja, and since it has been so long since i have even touched the stuff, i was wondering if anyone on here has any advice on how to go about it such as how thick for the fiberglass fabric, how many layers, how much of it, what kind of resin to use, any good places to buy this kind of stuff from, words of advice for molds and such. or just share stories of stuff you have made from fiberglass. uhm, or other cool stuff you have made. hell, this is anything goes forum, just share any cool stories!! [smilie=madking.gif] [smilie=hellyeah.gif]
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Post by ScreaminMimi »

Fiberglassing looks like fun at the very least... I'm planning on trying my hand at it this summer for making bed covers for both the Brat and Baja. If I come up with something usable... even better! Keep me posted on your efforts!
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Yes. We are screwing with fiberglass work at school. I hope to make a few things out of it. [smilie=fixtit.gif]

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