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SubieTech 2year anniversary and 1st annual car show 4/20/08

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:20 pm
by Subietech
Sunday April 20th 2008:[/b]
April is a HUGE month for us - it marks the 2 year anniversary of the Southern California Subaru Meet and Drive. To celebrate, we're kicking things off with the 1st Annual SubieTech Headquarters Car Show, complete with trophies, prizes and even a CASH grand prize for the Car show entries. As well as a vendor booth area, import models, a raffle, giveaways, food, live DJ, and MUCH MORE. This is the one SubieTech event you'll want to check out.

Come join the Subietech Crew celebrating our 2 year anniversary.

Subietech Car Show & Meet
12323 Woodruff Ave
Downey, CA
Sunday April 20th, 2008

Car show info:
We are looking for the BEST Subaru's southern California has to offer!

Judging starts at 1p
Winners will be announced at 2:30p

$10 pays your car show entrance fee + 1 Raffle Ticket
(60 spots available)
Paypal addy:
(All entries must arrive by 10am and be able to stay until 3pm)

Attendees not part of the car show are free.

Sponsor List:
Chino Valley Subaru - www. chinovalley. subaru. com
The Monkeys Trunk - www. themonkeystrunk. com
Coca-Cola - www. coca-cola. com
Graphicsworks - www. graphicsworks. com
Brian Crower - www. briancrower. com
Endura tech - www. endura-tech. com
Ultimate Tool Co.
- www. ultimatetoolco. com
Skunk2 - www. skunk2. com
Mackin industries - www. mackinindustries. com
Bridgestone/Firestone www. bridgestone-firestone. com
Titan Transportation - www. titantow. com
Rota Wheels - www. rotawheels. com
Meguiars - www. meguiars. com
+ more to be added

Stay tuned for additional updates! Reply back if you can attend, or be part of the carshow! Our last photoshoot included 89 Subaru's @ Subietech.

Dont miss out!

**Public parking is available across from Subietech Headquarters in the school parking lot, and any adjacent street where parking is permitted.

(we apologize for any inconvenience, however the Subietech lot is reserved for car show entries only)

reserved for attendees and car show entries.

Boost is Best
omega force

Car Show:
chris harer
Philip Klotz
Patrick E Smith-QWKSTI

Let me know if you can make it, or want to be in the car show.

Re: SubieTech 2year anniversary and 1st annual car show 4/20/08

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:04 pm
by scq481
I'd love to see some pics of this event, once it has happened.

Re: SubieTech 2year anniversary and 1st annual car show 4/20/08

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:36 pm
by Subietech
Today was insane. Over 200 Subaru's showed up and we had over 70 cars in the SubieTech lot!

I would like to thank the 11 sponsors who stepped up and made a great event even better. Special thanks to Chino Valley Subaru for going out of their way to pay for the food!

Chino Valley Subaru - * BBQ
The Monkeys Trunk - * RC Drift Car
Graphicsworks - * DJ Majestic/Stickers
Brian Crower - * Shirts/Free Retainer kit
Endura tech -*Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers x2
Ultimate Tool Co. - *Torx T-70 sockets/Panel Poppers
Skunk2 - *Wrx/Sti Cat Back Exhaust
Titan Transportation - *Misc. Donations
Rota Wheels - *Rota Gift Certificates
Meguiars - *Quick Detail and Micro-Fiber cloth

Trophies provided by: SubieTech Headquarters

Congratulations to ALL of our raffle winners and our two trophy winners

SubieTech Favorite - (??? mystery guest #13 ???)

Crowd Favorite & Grand Prize- Trophy and $440.00 - Travis (Anger Toaster)

I would also like to thank everyone who helped out.
Ugly, Eddie, Larry, Josh, Kevin, Sash, Yukio, Nicole, Ray(DJ Majestic), Steve, CJ, the rest of the xxx crew and anyone else I might be forgetting!

Last but not least, big thanks to all of the subie owners who came out. It would nothing without you.

Remember, it's back to business as usual next month: Sunday May 18th 2008 - the Southern California Subaru Meet and Drive

9am, Sunday May 18th 2008 @SubieTech Headquarters- BE THERE!


(for pics check out