wind noise from windows

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wind noise from windows

Post by mellowyellow »

I dislike the wind noise from the front windows... seems to come from the lower front part where the window meets side view mirrors... gets louder as speed is increased.

My mechanics suggestion to reduce wind noise was to add foam, which I had them do, however, this only worked for about a week and the sound came back... Any ideas on how to get rid of the noise?
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Post by stefan »

I thought maybe those Vent shades would help- but Dang- You cant put them on- with out a door frame around the window there is no way to attach them :( . You might want to try a weatherstripping conditioner (they make some stuff for rubberseals on travel trailer that works pretty good- it's called Slide Lube Slide out seal conditioner) that may allow a better seal against the window
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Post by spazchicken »

This is pretty much my only beef with the truck. I wish there was something that would help.
Kev M
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Post by Kev M »

Wind noise really?

Dang, I haven't noticed any.

Of course, I do open windows or the sunroof AT LOT.

Actually, even with a window or the sunroof open I thought it was particularly quiet. But I'm comparing it to our other vehicle (Mini Cooper S, which is louder overall) and my last vehicle (Jeep Cherokee, which was WAY loud).

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Post by mikey6331 »

I haven't noticed wind noise either - until the other day when there was a good cross-wind. That seemed to suck the windows a bit off the gaskets. My car seems to be pretty quiet too - although like Kev M, my comparisons are louder cars. Partner has a Cooper S as well, and I traded a convertible for the Subie. I'm just happy to have a car quiet enough that I can hear my cell phone. :-)
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Lund Ventvisors

Post by WallyGator »

I installed Lund Ventvisors for an 04 legacy on my 06 Baja Turbo- the closest fit I could find but not 100%... They cut down a bit but add their own new "tune" to driving. They do need to be attached to the paint but have done the job well- Its nice to be able to crack a window when its raining. As far as weatherstripping conditioner - it is a must for this car and I treat every time I clean- It stops that grab when rolling up and down the windows
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Post by diderich »

I had that noise too, right around the mirror. Only on the passenger side though. It was worse in a crosswind. Took it to the dealer about 2 years ago, and they replaced the weatherstrip around the door under warrantee. Its just now starting to come back. This time all I did was reposition the gasket and it has gone away again. If it comes back, I'll put some weatherstrip adhesive right there by the mirror to try and stick the gasket down.

What you can do, is with a passenger, get up to highway speed and listen for the noise. Have your passenger poke around on the weatherstrip between the door and the body right down by the mirror. If the noise goes away...that's your culprit.
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Post by baja03 »

this is a huge problem with my Baja as well and i just want it to stop :(
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Post by Snorkeled »

I too have that same wind noise problem coming from the drivers side window . . .
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Re: wind noise from windows

Post by cyphergirl »

I get wind noise around my windows/mirrors when people have been pushing or pulling on the windows when opening or closing the doors. Squeeze the rubber pieces (around the mirror) at the front corner of the window back together == noise goes away until someone touches your windows and pushes them apart. :)
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Re: wind noise from windows

Post by Alpha Wolf »

Is it true wind noise ie whistling?

or a buzzing sound from the side of the windshield?

Ours had a bad buzz when driving in a cross wind on the drivers side left front windshield edge. The rubber will flap when speed is over 70mph and a strong cross wind.

I shot some black silicone under the outer edge and this glued it down so it cannot flap in the wind.
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Re: wind noise from windows

Post by Emsanon »

I have the same problem. Quite a bit of wind noise from the drivers side window. I do the same thing where I push on the black section on the front, lower side of the window. It stops the noise as long as I push on it. Most of the time it does reduce the wind noise if I push on it a few times. The wind noise will start up again though at least on my car. :wink:
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Re: wind noise from windows

Post by HPruneau »

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Re: wind noise from windows

Post by YBajaSteve »

already been posted but thanks....
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