SUBARU BAJA (and BRAT?) 2007 Calender VOTE THREAD!

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Post by ebbie97 »

The abundance of yellow and silver Bajas is probably because only a few members posted pictures. It is kinda odd that everyone likes the idea of a calendar, but when push comes to shuff, only a handful of people are contributing. Too bad!

Regardless of all the yellow and silver, keep plugging along with the calendar!
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Post by chicken n waffles »

i don't think many will sell, seeing as the majority of months will feature what many people consider to be the most unappealing of baja color schemes.

good luck though!
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Post by yellowblaze »

We can put the word out earlier next year, it just occured to me that it would be cool after I got word that my stang was chosen for antoher sites calendar. Cafepress doens't require a min. order-they print as the items are ordered so it wont cost anything, even if only a few are sold. I thought it was interesting too, that not many people antied up with pics. Well everyone, start snapping good ones now for next year!

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Post by Hawk296 »

04turbogurl wrote:Image
Sweet offset and directional rear tire :lol:...

...j/k of course

Post by 04turbogurl »

Hawk296 wrote:
04turbogurl wrote:Image
Sweet offset and directional rear tire :lol:...

...j/k of course
Cant someone do a fitment just to look cool??!!?

I cant afford to fix the other 2 HRE's to make them all 18x10 so i had to pretend.. SORRY!! *cry * CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY [smilie=kiss_it.gif] [smilie=cwl.gif]
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Post by jaxed »

Well, folks, if you haven't already guessed the calendar is a no-go for this year. I was having troubles with finding time at the end of they year, and I wasn't able to get all the pictures in a high enough resolution.

Thanks for those of you who contributed.

That said, I want to make sure we try for this next year. Maybe we'll start in July or something. :|
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Post by bajabob »

Oh well, like you said next year. When we are taking pics for next years could you give some idea of resolution that is needed.