What did you do to your Baja today?

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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by Fireball857 »

Related the fuel lines under the intake manifold, hoping to get rid of a fuel leak. If that doesn't do it, I'll be replacing injector seals. Tomorrow, it's getting installed, along with a new turbo, as the older one has a nut bouncing off the impeller for probably 50k miles.
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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by ltdan12a »

Ugh I gotta do the same to my NA... Every couple days I get a whiff of fuel on startup, and sure enough if I look it's a little damp under the rubber fuel lines...
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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by judahsiefert79 »

Oh yeah

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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by Bulldog-Baja »

Here's what I've done to my Baja.

Original Post Here:

Link to Photos Here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NnPRs18VahQ8yWZ66


- Method 502 Rally Wheels (5) * Yes, a full-size spare fits underneath!
- Yokohama Geolander Tires (5)
- ADF - Anderson Design & Fabrication 2" LIFT
- KING 05-07 BAJA Springs
- Whiteline Control Arm Kit - Front & Rear
- Whiteline Front endlinks & sway bar
- Primitive Racing Front Skidplate (with Fumato Valve & Lever Lock); https://get-primitive.com/skidplates/12 ... and_fumoto add_oil_holes_fumoto_valve_and_extra_lever_lock_52_50/header_spacers-add_special_length_h/thickness-3_16_rally_tough
- Primitive Racing Rear Differential Cover; https://get-primitive.com/skidplates/15 ... cover.html
- Primitive Racing 4EAT Auto Transmission 1/8" Aluminum Skidplate; https://get-primitive.com/skidplates/15 ... plate.html
- Subaru OEM driveshaft (there was a vibration, so replaced and took care of it)

- GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC); https://www.grimmspeed.com/top-mount-in ... 04-08-fxt/
- GrimmSpeed TMIC Y-Pipe Kit; https://www.grimmspeed.com/top-mount-in ... it-subaru/
- GrimmSpeed Ver 2 Turbo Heat Shield; https://www.grimmspeed.com/version-2-tu ... i-lgt-fxt/
- GrimmSpeed Lightweight Crank Pulley; https://www.grimmspeed.com/lightweight- ... j-engines/
- GrimmSpeed ELECTRONIC BOOST CONTROL SOLENOID 3-PORT; https://www.grimmspeed.com/electronic-b ... -9-13-fxt/
- GrimmSpeed Air Oil Separator; https://www.grimmspeed.com/air-oil-sepa ... i-lgt-fxt/
- Torque Solution 2.4" Turbo Inlet Hose (Black); https://www.torquesolution.com/ProductD ... K&CartID=1
- COBB SF Intake; https://subimods.com/wrx/2002-2003-wrx/ ... 8-fxt.html
- Mishimoto Radiator + Upper & Lower Silicone Hoses
- all belts & hoses replaced
- Subaru Block Heater
- Extreme Power X2 battery (19-Jul-21)
- Torque Solution Billet Battery Tie Down

- GrimmSpeed Catted Downpipe; https://www.grimmspeed.com/grimmspeed-c ... x-sti-fxt/
- GrimmSpeed Up Pipe; https://www.grimmspeed.com/up-pipe-wrx- ... -lgt-obxt/
- Custom, 3" cat back exhaust w/Magnaflow can (fantastic sound - not too loud)


- Snail Performance Pro Tune - Open Source (after above-noted parts installed); https://www.snailperformance.com/
- Kaizen Lighting Custom HID headlights
- Raptor Bed Liner (as seen in photos, entire bed disassembled, with each part sprayed separately) + wheel wells coated
- camper shell, hood & roof wrapped in Avery Dennison Vinyl (professional installation)
- 2" trailer hitch (for bike rack - not indented for towing)

- Dynamat, sound dampening installed on all four doors
- Pioneer stereo with navigation & Sirius XM Radio
- new backup camera
- Alpine R Type component speakers (front doors) & coaxial on rear doors
- Alpine KTA-450 Amp
- Viper remote start & alarm
- hardwired for Blackvue front & rear dashcam (OPTIONAL to purchase actual cameras)
- hardwired for Escort radar



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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?


Hey gang. Anybody know what these rhomboid shaped pockets are for in the bed of the bajas? I figure such a dedicated space must have a deliberate purpose. I went ahead and built a bed divider that sits nicely in the rectangular spot within the rhomboid. It worked great in my 19 Ranger and I was able to modify that one to fit the Baja. I also did a brake fluid flush today on the Baja. Pedal is way better now. Not so spongy.
Anybody done a complete brake replacement. Hoses and calipers and rotors?
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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by baja_gernaut »

The best upgrade that can be done to the Baja are brakes with 4-2 pots. I hated my OEM feel and once I had them installed, the Baja didnt nose dive anymore. Ive done it all to the Baja since 2008, WOW
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Re: What did you do to your Baja today?

Post by Leon in PA »

I installed Home made Sport Activity Lights. I bought a partial used set a while ago and had the brackets remanufactured.
I will have these brackets for sale when they come back from getting powder coated. $90/Set shipped
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[imgImageSport Light Bracket 2 by Leon in PA, on Flickr][/img]
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