Fuel Injectors - Which should I choose?

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Fuel Injectors - Which should I choose?

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Re: 2005 Baja Sport (SOHC engine)
Can anyone give me any guidance on choosing which new fuel injectors to buy?
Subaru no longer makes them for this vehicle.

There seems to be a very wide range of aftermarket injectors available out there with an even wider range of prices.
Should I buy them through eBay? For a set of 4, prices range from about $80 to $450
Should I get them at an auto parts store?
Are some better than others?
Are some specific brands better than others?
Are Rebuild Kits and Flush Cleaning Kits a good alternative to new injectors and do rebuilt injectors perform like new ones?

I like to make informed decisions when it comes to questions like this so I'd like to hear from anyone with specific experience with injectors on their own vehicle or from any mechanics.
Thank You!
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