Just bought an ‘06 Turbo. What should I fix first?

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Just bought an ‘06 Turbo. What should I fix first?

Post by GravyRidesShotgun »

Hi there Baja gurus. I just picked up a 2006 Turbo with 98k miles in AZ (I’m here visiting family) and need to drive it home to WA.

I popped into a AAA repair shop for a pre-purchase inspection and, while they did not drive it, they spotted a few things they said I should fix before hitting the road:

- Drive belts worn
-Coolant hoses appear to be original
-CV joint boot torn, leaking
-Oil filter housing appears to be leaking oil
-Rear differential leak
-Original struts

What should I take care of immediately? I’d planned on camping and visiting friends along the way back and can call ahead to reserve a mechanic and parts as needed at reputable places outside bigger city shops with higher costs.

If other belts are cracking, should I have a dealer (urgent, holiday weekend) inspect the timing belt or just replace it since it’s never been done?

Thank you!

Edit: Oil filter housing appears to be leaking; fuel filter is not leaking oil.
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Re: Just bought an ‘06 Turbo. What should I fix first?

Post by joedavex »

That sounds like a sweet car you found especially with such low mileage on it. Do you have any of the service records on it? Are you sure the Timing Belt hasn't been done?
My only concerns would be check the fluids to make sure they are topped off (continue checking the oil as you drive along to make sure you don't run dry). Ensure the diff leak isn't going openly dripping and won't all drain out over the course of the trip.
The timing belt is the unknown here, it can torpedo the engine if it lets go and then you'd be SOL. If you're going to a mechanic have him take a look at it bare minimum.
Changing the belts and hoses is cheap and simple, you can probably do it in a parking lot with 12mm socket and a screwdriver. Or just buy them and do it on the side of the road if they fail :) . (You'll need a 10mm to remove the belt covers)
Otherwise, happy driving! Post some pics of the car.
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