Fuel cut and stubling on acceleration

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Fuel cut and stubling on acceleration

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Hi, I have over 230000 miles on my 2005 turbocharged Baja. I am having serious stumbling and fuel cut problems anything above idle. Changed the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator. Same problem. I have changed both after turbo catalytic converters before I started having this problem which fixed a check engine light. I would have changed all three. I got a pre catayltic converter from Rock Auto but had to send it back it just would not fit. It was close. I want to change the pre cat but cant find one. There is a temperature sensor on the pre cat. Does anyone know where to get a precat or a solution to a clogged pre cat for this year Baja? The engine makes good power when it was running. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Bill
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Re: Fuel cut and stubling on acceleration

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Not a Turbo guy, but I think the part you need is 44101SA020?
Hopefully not one of the intermediate pipes...
https://www.subaruparts.com/v-2005-suba ... components

You might be able to pull it off of a 2004-2007 Forester XT, should be same motor and cat-forward exhaust.
Here's the parts diagram just in case. https://www.scoobytruck.com/pdf/Baja_2003-2005.pdf
see page 7
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