Who wants an off road/winch Bumper?

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SupeRoo Baja
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Who wants an off road/winch Bumper?

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Hi all,

I am having my winch bumper fabricated, and I suggested to my builder that he could make/sell some of these to other Baja owners since we don't have a ton of options for any real frontend work, and the 'ratt' bumper is kind of a bust. This would also fit the legacy/outback models with the same front end as well. (pictures will be added as it gets further into completion.. currently in the mock up stage)

These will come from Colorado, so some travel or shipping will most likely be involved. I have added tentative pricing, subject to change as he figures out if there is any volume, and gets a better idea on how long build times are. The more orders he can get, the cheaper he can make them as he can purchase metal in bulk, and work in stages. And these will be unfinished/painted as you can use powder coat/bed liner/paint/etc. Once the patterns are made, it's about a 2 week turn around depending on how much bumper you order.

As we discussed some options, he decided that the best way to accomplish this was to build a modular setup, and build from a platform up. All parts are removable and use the bumper/tow point connections to bolt onto.

He is using hardened plates, and roll cage bars, but can use whatever materials you request. (As far as tube diameter etc) All bumper bars will have 1/8 drain holes, capped ends, with no welded angles or tubes; full mandrel bent. Light mounts/further mods can be added on request:

Winch bumper connects to the tow hook mounts. Winch pattern holes drilled on request. 400$

Main bumper that matches body lines. Can be added as stand alone, or connect the main bumper to the Winch bumper. Connects to the original bumper attachment bolts, +500$ integrated / +400$ Stand alone

A Nudge bar can be added at whatever size requested. (can be installed on standalone bumpers) +200$

Brush/head light guards can also be added to request. +400$

This brings an entire custom front end with winch, nudge bar, and brush guard to about 1500$, or any combination in between. As we figure out how long all of the fabrication takes once patterns are made, and metal prices we can get a better idea on production costs.

Let me know what you would think a good price would be and we'll see if we can come up w/ some solutions.
Ben Staad
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Re: Who wants an off road/winch Bumper?

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Glad someone is open to the idea for such a niche market. I would be interested to see what this looks like first before weighing in on a potential price point.
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