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oil smell

Post by Rsmith8126 »

I have a 2005 Baja Turbo with 160000 miles,,Everytime i get out of car i smell oil like it is on exhaust manifold but cant see nothing don't have any leaks on garage floor, went 400 mile trip used 1 qt of oil anyone have any ideas on my problem, i bought the car about 2 years and and have put about 20000 miles love the car hope someone can help ?Ronnie
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Re: oil smell

Post by ZUBAJA »

Do you do your own repairs? One thing to check would be for leaks at the valve cover gaskets (very close to the exhaust manifolds). If yours still has the plastic valence panel, that would have to be removed (it may be catching any drips), then you can see where any leaks may be. Other possibilities could be front or rear crank seals or camshaft seals. When equipped with the oil cooler (between the filter and the block) there is an o-ring there that can also cause a minor leak. Dennis
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Re: oil smell

Post by SpencerKG »

Try tightening your gas lines. Just follow them and look for any screw clamp. The metal they used for these easily contracts and expands with temperature change. Probably contacting a little due to the colder fall weather, causing the hose to come a little lose. I had the same problem last winter after I bought it. Smelled like gas every time I started her up, but nothing on the floor or anything visible in the engine bay. Goodluck!
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Re: oil smell

Post by walfredo »

Check to see if you are leaking oil anywhere and follow the leak upwards until you find the source of the leak - it could be a cam seal/valve cover seal or something that is leaking oil onto the exhaust.

If you are 100% sure you have no external oil leaks then you are probably burning it. Does the car smoke at all? Can you have someone drive behind you and watch while you accelerate and decelerate?

If you are in fact burning oil there are a few things that it could be:
1) Valve seals - the tell-tale symptom of valve seals are smoking upon startup
2) Piston Rings - if the car is smoking at all throttle/load situations
3) Turbo oil seals - This can cause similar symptoms to rings, you may also find high quantities of oil in your boost piping (same symptoms as PCV)

If you can confirm the car is not burning oil and no oil leaks it could also be your PCV:
1) check your intercooler/intake piping for over abundance of oil - focus on areas where oil could "pool"

Thats where I would start.
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Re: oil smell

Post by cgrab »

My Baja has a grease burning smell which I attribute to left over grease from a bad seal on my right front axle. The axle was replaced but I still get he smell. I hope it burns off soon.
Not sure this helps since you said you are consuming oil.
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