Flat tire on 422E/202S merge

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Flat tire on 422E/202S merge

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On my way home from work yesterday there was a silver Baja on the shoulder of the ramp from 422 eastbound to 202 south/Sweedsford road in King of Prussia. Pulled over to see what was up, the driver pointed out that she had a flat but also let me know that she already had service en route. (don't know if it was through Subaru or otherwise) I reminded her that if service was putting on the donut spare that they would need to pull the fuse for the AWD as directed in the owner's manual. She thanked me for stopping and I got back on my way home.

So "hello!" if you're out there and reading this message board. Hope your tire was an easy fix.

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Nice of you to stop :)

Actually you need to INSTALL the fuse to disable AWD, not remove it. If shes in AWD the fuse is already out. ;)
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