Hyundai Santa Cruz

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Hyundai Santa Cruz

Post by Airborneguy »

Has anyone else been following the news on this vehicle?

Hyundai has so far held off on the official announcement, but the CEO did confirm that it’s coming within a few years. I am very interested in seeing its final design and specs because as we have to admit, the clock is ticking on the usefulness of our older Baja’s.

I’m confident I can keep mine running strong for 3-4 more years, hopefully enough time for a new “ute” to appear on the market. I doubt I’d be interested in buying another Baja at that point. Even a 2006 in mint condition would be 15 years old then with antiquated technology.

There is also a Ford rumor going around you know...

Even better would be if these new vehicles came to fruition causing Subaru to bring back the Baja! But the rumors there are a new mid-sized pickup from Subaru instead of a Baja-like vehicle.

I literally check the news once a week to see if there’s anything new on the concept. So far they have only confirmed that it will be 4 doors, seat 5 (!) and be priced around $25,000 base.
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Re: Hyundai Santa Cruz

Post by Guacamole »

From what I'm reading they're still planning to use the new 4-cyl diesel motor in it. If this is the case I can see this selling as well as the Tribeca (and admittedly the Baja) and running into the same problems: horsepower vs target market use, and fuel price. Around MD the new Ridgeline is selling pretty well and I'm seeing quite a few on the road, but the price tag is way too high for a working-to-middle-class light truck, and the people I know who have one all have a 6-figure income. Diesel (around here at least) is also still really expensive compared to 87 octane. As of today, my local gas station was $2.27 for 87, $2.59 for 89, $2.79 for 91, and $3.05 for diesel. Most of the people I know who had light diesel sedans, hatchbacks, and trucks ditched them around 2010 since the prices skyrocketed. The only people left here with diesels are truckers, farmers, and edgy teenagers with melon-cannon mufflers.

From the promotional material I've seen from Ford, the new Ranger looks like it's just a knockoff Tacoma or Frontier- the market doesn't need another one of those (I think anyway).

I'd honestly like to see the Baja and the Brat both come back to the lineup in the near future:
An Outback-based 4-door pickup with a small bed like the Bajas now
A Legacy-based full-bed light truck that mimics the characteristics of a Holden Maloo, but with at least 8" ground clearance (they could even make an STI version to compete with an actual Maloo)
Subaru could very easily corner the market with these so long as the price doesn't go over $30k and $23k for the base versions respectively.
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Re: Hyundai Santa Cruz

Post by kamesama980 »

One addition for any future compact trucks: make the bed fit a 4'x4' panel flat. that's the single most annoying thing about the baja is it cannot fit a 4' item lengthwise or widthwise. Just an inch or 2 short. Much like fitting a 4'x8' item in a full size truck, it's just a basic usefulness thing.
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Re: Hyundai Santa Cruz

Post by HaHaBajAlcyone »

It seems to me that Subaru now has the perfect platform for a future car/truck... the Ascent. I could easily see that becoming the basis for our next 'Baja'. 5000 lbs towing with a relatively frugal yet powerful turbo 4, sacrifice a little 2nd row room for a larger bed capable of 4' x 4' flat capacity, or better yet, 4' x 6' meaning 4' x 8' with tailgate down. Come up with a base model that has a rubber floor and durable interior bits capable of rugged use for the farmers, small landowners, acreage dwellers that really can enjoy the benefits of a truck's usefullness and take the models all the way up to the fully optioned mall rat/commuter vehicle that can haul 70" TVs and dining room sets, lol... Only downside I can see is that I know this would never come with a manual transmission, but their CVT is getting pretty decent, and my left leg is getting pretty old, so...

Seems to me that, if they wanted to, they could return to this market with a vehicle that could equal, or better the Ridgeline... you know, in a Subaru way. I will start planning my purchase the day production is confirmed. Your move Subaru.... 8)
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