What type of computer on you on?

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What type of computer on you on?

Post by jaxed »

Just curious, what type of computer are you on/do you use?

I'm typing on an Apple iBook G4 right now. Just upgraded to the latest OS (Tiger) and well, that's what made me think of the question.
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Post by mbaksic »

I don't know what this computer is!! :roll: My brother built it out of an old Novell server that my mom was getting rid of at work. Its kinda homemade, and works great!! :D Mike
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Post by cliffhanger »

ive got a hp pavilion that is about 5 years old... pretty crappy and slow, but it gets me to scoobytruck everyday!
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Post by bajabob »

Mines another assemble it yourself PC box. The big difference is that I run 2 versions of linux (FC 3 and Suse 9.1) each on it's own 200 gig drive. Other important specs include 2.0 ghz p4 processor, 1 gig ram,G-force4 Ti4200 video card, DVD and CD writing drives.


Post by mcsvt »

Currently posting from a Dell 600m laptop running XP Pro.

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Post by cyphergirl »

Dell Dimension 8250
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Post by bajafresh »

G4 powerbook. w00t!
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Post by teamstarter »

A Dell Optiplex GX150 - refurbished from Overstock.com. Steal of a deal; computer and flat LCD monitor for under $450 - and only $1 for shipping!
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Post by pdiz »

I run both Mac and PC:

Mac mini w/ 1 GB DDR (not stock) running Panther
Dell 20.1-inch wide-screen LCD

Athlon 64 3000+ running FreeBSD 64-bit
(same monitor)
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What type of computer you on?

Post by Kaeliomu »

HP Pavilion zx5000
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Post by kiddbaja »

at home i have a apple powerbook(i love apple). at work i have a pos dell.
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Post by Baja Turbo »

Mine is fairly new and its a Compaq Presario with the same old monitor :cry:
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amd 64Bit

Post by elfranco »

I am running an AMD 64Bit processor with 1 gig of memory and 250 Gb Hard Drive. I primarily use it for MS Flight Simulator 2004. One of many hobbies.

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Post by yellowblaze »

averatec laptop...
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Post by BajaBear »

Always been a PC user-No particular reason why. Got a 3yr old Fry's model at home.
My Mac Mini was delivered today & I can't wait to open the box!!!
Might skulk home early. Sssssssshhh...
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