Trade/Sell? 05 Monterey Silver Baja 5 Speed

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Trade/Sell? 05 Monterey Silver Baja 5 Speed

Post by Chrisquid »

Just bought this car a couple weeks ago after searching for a good Baja. It is a manual which I was stoked to find, but the wife doesn’t really like driving stick, so I’d like to trade for a similar condition automatic (never thought I’d say that!).

Good: Under 122k on the clock. Paint is nice from a few feet back, the Monterey colorway is a nice color. I have service records from the owner before the previous and a list of repairs the previous owner did (he is a subie mechanic who bought it from the lady when she couldn’t afford to fix the issues). New clutch, flywheel, timing/water pump kit, front brake pads, 2 new rotors, wheel bearing kit on left wheel all done by that guy about 700 miles ago. No accidents on the vehicle report, It has been with 3 owners before me I believe. Drives great. Has color matched tonneau cover, too.

Not so good: sunroof switches are intermittent, the driver door switch for rear window doesn’t work (but the switch on the rear door does), front door cabin light switch doesn’t work so the light stays off when the door is open, belt buckles scratched up the pillars as usual, fenders have some battle scars, missing anchor plate and the stopper pin for driver seatbelt, rear has a clunk on bumpy roads (maybe a new bushing is in order, haven’t checked it out yet), knicks and scratches and some clear coat peel here and there, nothing terrible.

I planned on fixing all the small things, but thought I’d offer it up before putting more money into it first.

Looking for something clean and mechanically sound that hasn’t been smoked in, has space for a car seat, and doesn’t have super high miles. Would love an auto trans Baja or a VW Doka, could be swayed to something else interesting, though!

Located in Sacramento, CA.

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Re: Trade/Sell? 05 Monterey Silver Baja 5 Speed

Post by ltdan12a »

Damn, nice looking Baja!
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