2004 Subaru Baja Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

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2004 Subaru Baja Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

Post by Nokturnal1228 »

Long time lurker, but first FS posting... I have repeatedly come back to this site to get all the juicy details on upgrades & troubleshooting for this vehicle... so thanks all :D

I am selling my 2004 Subaru Baja with Sport/Turbo trim; 164,500 miles. It is pearl painted with silver accents. I have ALL vehicle maintenance records while car was in my possession since 2015 (in chronological order more or less). I believe I am the third owner, I purchased it from my father when in Seattle and have partial history of his vehicle maintenance. Currently everything functions as expected (even the heated front seats). I have LOVED owning this vehicle and have basked in all its unique greatness. As such I've cared for it, always resolving any issues to the fullest extent possible, and never over-stressing it.
Inked20200403_153056_LI.jpg (8.3 MiB) Viewed 19459 times
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Check CL posting for more pictures: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/c ... 80759.html

I am very up-front in dealing with any inquiries so please send me any messages if you have concerns.
I have the clean car title and registration/smog is good thru August 2020.

Upgrades I installed myself include:

Tires: General Grabber AT2 (215/65R16); installed in December 2015
Wheels: Sparco Assetto Matte Graphite silver color (16x7; largest you can put on this vehicle without modification)

Head Unit: Pioneer AVIC 7100NEX (android auto, apple carplay, GPS navigation, bluetooth calling, external mic installed, video/audio out installed (external screen can be easily installed for playing digital and DVD videos), secondary USB extension installed for external memory/HDD, HDMI/mirrorlink and RCA video cables installed, video input for backup camera installed); integrated with engine speed control sensor to work with GPS system to show speed limits warnings
Rear View Camera (waterproof)
Speakers: 2x Kicker DS6.2 6" component speaker system (120W, peak); front doors
2x Infinity Reference 6032 6.5" Two-way speakers (180W, peak); rear doors
Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate 4 channel PBR300X4, 75Wrms
Subwoofer: (previously installed Alpine PWES8 under passenger seat, lead wires all still available; NOT INCLUDED)
Lighting: 7-color LED footwell interior lighting kit with electromechanical relay controlling on/off function for truckbed section
NOTE: all fusing is properly installed with fuse block in driver foot well (never have blown fuses for any of the above upgrades)

Vehicle accessories it comes with:
OEM roof rack/rails
Bed extender
Snug Lid SL custom tonneau cover (pearl)
1.25" Trailer hitch
Bike rack (collapsible)
extra keys/fob

Maintenance related:
Owners manual & quick reference guide (manuals included for all upgrades listed above)
Hanes manual
New windshield wipers
Headlight cleaner (for clearing any fogged up plastic/glass)

When I first bought it, I performed full service including replacement of radiator, timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, and transmission flush. Ever since I have performed full synthetic oil changes at 3500 miles.

Minor Maintenance (in order):
O2 sensor has been replaced due to it's harness getting corroded
Canister vent vale replaced (became stuck)
Rear sway-bar replaced
Front windshield replaced mid-2017 (due to chipped glass from highway debris)
Rear rotors & brake pads replaced
Engine thermostat
Passenger airbag has been replaced due to safety recall from Subaru (twice actually)
New battery

Major maintenance (in order):
Replaced rear right door due to someone bumping into it (no frame damage)
Replaced rear bumper & reinforcement bar due to bumping into a bollard (no frame damage)
Replaced rear right tail light due to above (color is not quite pearl, but difference in color is hardly noticeable)
Replaced front axle and wheel bearings
Misfire on one cylinder from a blown fuel injector (cylinder head resurfaced replaced ignition coil and injector and all gaskets/seals)
additionally replaced variable valve timing valve to correct issue above
Replaced entire turbo assembly/bearings due to common banjo bolt/screen issue - thanks Subaru!! :'( (it had been starved for oil and failed)
additionally replaced camshaft to correct issue above
*Due to last two issues, consider that the entire engine has essentially been overhauled (new oil pump/flush and cylinder head gaskets were included)

Future optional maintenance as evidenced by current inspections:
Front differential - when moving from a complete stop and rotating wheel fully right to its hard-stop, slipping can be heard (not evident when making normal turns on roads/highways)
Front brakes/rotors are close to worn
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Re: 2004 Subaru Baja Sport/Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

Post by kamesama980 »

Just for clarification, "sport" is the base model, not the fast one (for every manufacturer). "turbo" is the trim you have not "sport/turbo"
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Re: 2004 Subaru Baja Sport/Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

Post by Nokturnal1228 »

kamesama980 wrote: Mon Jul 13, 2020 6:45 am Just for clarification, "sport" is the base model, not the fast one (for every manufacturer). "turbo" is the trim you have not "sport/turbo"
Thanks for pointing that out - this has all the bells n' whistles so I had just assumed its trim level. Title is fixed :)
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Re: 2004 Subaru Baja Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

Post by jaxed »

That seems like a very fair price.
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Re: 2004 Subaru Baja Turbo (pearl/silver) - $5200 OBO Los Angeles, CA

Post by ZUBAJA »

With "only" 164K miles, that is a steal price (many at that price range are up around 200K). Good history on it. I had to look at the C/L listing to determine if it were auto or manual (it's automatic). I'd expect it to sell fairly quick. Dennis
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