2003 Baja for sale

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2003 Baja for sale

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2003 Baja, silver. Lots of miles (220k), and needs a new ac compressor and maybe rotors. Runs great though. I’ve had it about 7 years and only issue I ever had was replacing head gasket and did timing belt at same time. Automatic. Body is in fair shape considering I drove the hell out of it and live in a very rural area. Has an upper door panel that was damaged, fixed, then primed but never repainted. Contact me for pics. Make an offer!
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Re: 2003 Baja for sale

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might help the sale if you let us know where it's located.
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Re: 2003 Baja for sale

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kamesama980 wrote: Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:39 ammight help the sale if you let us know where it's located.
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From my experience on these type forums, if you want to sell something, price, location, and PICTURES are of the utmost importance.
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