WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

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WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by SteveNC »

The dealer near me happened to have a used bed extender in their parts department. Unfortunately they didn't have the brackets; just the straps. Looking to purchase the two metal mounting brackets and bolts.
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Re: WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by FlyByNite »

I got these for mine and they work well. Just be sure to get them in the right place before drilling the holes.

https://www.amazon.com/AMP-Research-746 ... ef=sr_1_11
Yep, got a matching ARE cap.
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Re: WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by HaHaBajAlcyone »

Hi SteveNC,

While exchanging some bed trim from my project truck to my runner, I noticed that I have an extra set of bed extender brackets. As I only have one extender, I have no use for a second set of brackets. Note these are the authentic items and will attach directly into the bed mounting holes, no drilling required.

If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we'll figure something out. Even though we're likely a fair distance apart and seperated by an international border, the shipping shouldn't be too onerous... :shock:

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Re: WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by Marianitha »

Hi, I'm looking for the brackets for a bed extender of Subaru Baja, are the brackets still available? Could you send me a photo to my email? can i pay the shipping marianalopz931@gmail.com
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Re: WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by mike-tracy »


All brand new.
I marked what I have, make an offer including shipping.
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Re: WTB Bed Extender Bracket/hardware

Post by Willielee223 »

I would like to purchase these if they are still available. Thanks,
Willie Lee
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