Baja Turbo spark plug change; how awful is it?

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Baja Turbo spark plug change; how awful is it?

Post by bulwnkl »

So, I've heard that it's a nightmare to change the plugs on a Baja Turbo (we have an '05). I've heard everything from having to take out motor mounts and push the motor sideways to having to lift it up with a cherry picker or something. What's the deal here? Has anyone actually changed Baja turbo plugs? Is it really that nasty to do? Help?
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Post by mbaksic »

Can't help you on that one, I have a n/a, and I have changed my plugs several times and it was no big deal to me. On the n/a, the passenger side is a breeze, on the drivers side, I just take the washer tank out of the way and can get to the plugs with no problem. Mike
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Post by the slug »

Can't offer any advice about this one. Went back and forth about it here ... ?t=1292731.
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Re: Baja Turbo spark plug change; how awful is it?

Post by Subroo »

I am fresh from attempting a spark plug change on a 2006 baja turbo.
Let me tell you, I spent 5 hours /,one trip to auto parts store> and I changed the drivers side front plug.
I woke up today and started on the driver side rear plug... I cannot get the coil off. I'm done. I called a pro subby shop. Guy told me 100 percent they jack engine up a few inches to get past the frame, they charge $295 labor....what a shit design subaru!
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Re: Baja Turbo spark plug change; how awful is it?

Post by mike-tracy »

It's not easy, but it's doable with the right tools.

Bendy socket ... UTF8&psc=1
Bendy ratchet (I use the gear wrench one, but it's $$$ right now) ... 00EXX2JMW/

Remove intake tract on passenger side (just as much as needed to get a clear shot)
Remove battery and possibly the washer fluid bottle (I do)

Unclip the plug then unscrew the coilpack bolt until the bolt spins freely. Rotate the coilpack the until you find the correct angle to pull straight then sideways out.

This takes about an hour from start to finish, with the hardest part finding the coilpack's correct angle to come out.

The H6's are worse, even less space to the frame rail and they have 2 more coils. :(
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