Getting ready to drop the Baja

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Getting ready to drop the Baja

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I have purchased 2004 Legacy KYB Excel-G struts and 2004 Legacy King +1/4" springs with new KYB tophats to go on the 2004 Baja. Looking for about a 1.5"-2" drop. Starting to think about camber issues. I noticed that the rear control arm is the same for the Baja and Legacy but the rear upper is different. Would it make sense to swap the rear upper from a Legacy into the Baja that way the majority of the suspension would be virtually stock Legacy and decent camber should be achievable? I was thinking about going with the Whiteline KTA124 set but who has another $450 for this experiment? So I may try the Whiteline KCA399 if there is a subtle camber issue.

Thoughts? Concerns?
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