Fuel Relay and Parking Brake Question

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Fuel Relay and Parking Brake Question

Post by CScot1234 »

Hey all, new to the forum, but not exactly to Subaru. I bought an 05T AT back in November and am correcting some smaller issues since rebuilding the turbo lol. Firstly, can someone please point out which relay under the dash is the fuel pump relay? I don't have a good diagram of them and didn't want to start pulling random ones out. I can say that it wasn't the green one, although I've no idea what the green one on the far right side of the array does :/. Secondly, and more importantly, I am having an electrical issue. If I cold start my car with the parking brake on, the car will very slowly start to lose electrical power (instrument lights/headlights dim, engine bogs a bit, sends the cruise control module into CEL mode, etc.) and when the parking brake is lowered and the electrical switch is turned off, everything's normal again. It does have a new alternator and could probably use a new battery, but I doubt a weaker battery would really cause a specific issue like that. The battery ground is cleaned off and shiny as well as a couple other grounds that I found and tidied up. It's probably a bad ground or short (yay..) but I don't have a faint clue on where I should start looking. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks!
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Re: Fuel Relay and Parking Brake Question

Post by Guacamole »

Here's the directory to the individual wiring diagrams for an 05
http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Ba ... 20SECTION/

Alternatively, here's the master diagram for an 06 compressed into one pdf
http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Ba ... SYSTEM.pdf

As for your power drain with the parking brake on, does your 05 have the sport activity lights? Normally, they can only be activated when the parking brake is on (legal crap) so maybe there's a short in the wiring for those, or just the harness if they're absent.
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