Head gasket materials

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Head gasket materials

Post by elias »

Does anyone know what the OEM composite and/or MLS head gaskets are made out of? I’m conducting a research project about potential improvements to Subaru head gaskets from a materials engineering standpoint, and I cannot find any information online about the composition of the head gaskets. Do any of y’all know, or know who I should get in touch with? Thank you!
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Re: Head gasket materials

Post by ZUBAJA »

I don't know exactly what you are planning, but "All Wheel Drive" in Washington offers "Six Star" head gaskets that are an improvement over OEM. I've used them and would use them again. I also used "New" OEM head gaskets from Subaru on a different engine, again, with success. Dennis
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Re: Head gasket materials

Post by mike-tracy »

You should buy a couple and analyse them for your project.
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Re: Head gasket materials

Post by kamesama980 »

I would imagine they're "proprietary mix of materials engineered for the best performance" and you'd have better luck sending them to a materials lab. Keep in mind even if you do get a match on the alloy for the MLS turbo gaskets, that's only half the picture as heat treating, tempering, etc matter as much as the alloy.

MLS is some steel alloy

Composite has a perforated steel layer, graphite, and who knows what else
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