2004 sti TMIC Y pipe?

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2004 sti TMIC Y pipe?

Post by Usnsoldierret »

Hello, I searched the threads but didn't find an answer. Will the y pipe from an 04 sti tmic fit on my stock 06 baja tmic? The insulation is all worn off my plastic y pipe. Someone locally has a metal one from an 04 sti. Thanks!
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Re: 2004 sti TMIC Y pipe?

Post by Guacamole »

Is this the part?
Capture.JPG (88.72 KiB) Viewed 11025 times
If so, it's part #14462AA284.
The 04 STi one looks like it's part #21830AA060, but there's no picture so I can't 100% confirm. Either way, it's discontinued.

...but it does say it fits the Baja, so... maybe?
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