Prop shaft part# ?

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Prop shaft part# ?

Post by InhumanJ »

Have an 06’ sport took a trip and my driveshaft failed from the rear. Anyone have a quick part # for an 06’ sport non turbo manual drive shaft?

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Re: Prop shaft part# ?

Post by mike-tracy »

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Re: Prop shaft part# ?

Post by kensei »

Dorman also sells aftermarket driveshafts for the Baja and other Subarus. They are usually available on Amazon for about $400 and do ship free with Prime. I installed one in April 2019 after my rear U-joint failed on the OEM and I haven't had any issues yet. I think there is a little more NVH due to its using a differently designed center carrier, but that may just be my Baja in general. The PN for my '05 Baja Sport 5MT was 936-940, guessing its probably the same for the '06...
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