Viper X3 Performance Chip Tuner

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Viper X3 Performance Chip Tuner

Post by SoobyToo58 »

Does anyone have any experince using the Viper X3 Performance Chip Tuner?
I just came across this on
Here's a link. ... ck=1&frs=1

What are the advantages?
What are the disadvantages?
How does it affect gas mileage?

Some claims I've read;
X3 Performance Module
Add 30+ Horsepower / 25+ Torque
Add 2-3 Miles Per Gallon
Improve Throttle Response
Easy Install / Removal - Plug n Play
Latest Firmware - Detects Most Upgrades
Real Microprocessor - No Resistor Hacks

Is this all a lot of horse doo doo?
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Re: Viper X3 Performance Chip Tuner

Post by mike-tracy »

You should buy it and do a before and after Dyno comparison! Or save money and find someone who has.

I think they are all BS.
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Re: Viper X3 Performance Chip Tuner

Post by ZUBAJA »

I tend to agree with Mike-Tracy. Snake oil. Some years back these were in the form of a resistor that was plugged into where your intake air temperature sensor plugs. The resistor fed the ECM a signal that made the computer think it was extremely cold outside and triggered a richer mixture. Simple cheap ones were simply a resistor. More "fancy" ones had a plug or even a case attached. It appears that this may be the same thing only hooked to an OBDII plug. Not the comment that it mad it run richer. It would be interesting to see what numbers looked like before and after one of these is plugged in, but it isn't worth 115.00 to me to find that out.
Note ANY device that improves gas mileage has to be tested and approved by the EPA to be truly credible. Dennis
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