JDM AUTO TRANS SWAP? Expert advice pls.?

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JDM AUTO TRANS SWAP? Expert advice pls.?

Post by BajaTim »

Found several JDM EJ20X for $599-$799 (with videoed compression check - 180 all around) to replace my destroyed EJ255 (3rd in car’s history).

BUT - transmission (working perfectly) has 192,000 miles on it.

Noticing some JDMs come with transmission attached for $400-$500 extra (these engines & transmissions come with stated 45-60,000k miles on them).

Has anybody verified (done or seen) that these transmissions can be installed “plug n’ play” (minimal mods).

I do have a mech friend who will be doing the work - I’m giving him about $40/hour -so $1k for engine - I’m assuming transmission swap would be about 10-12 hours if it is plug n’ play and goes smoothly.

Obviously, I could wait for current transmission to fail - but am assuming I would be looking at maybe DOUBLE cost of doing it now.

Thanks in advance for any comments, ideas, advice.

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