To Rebuild or To Buy a Reman 2.5 NA

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Re: To Rebuild or To Buy a Reman 2.5 NA

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Sorry, Been unable to access this site for a while. Got a new computer, so I had to redo all my passwords.
"High mileage" vs new, or used car:
Real life examples: Tomorrow (Monday 3/2) I will be going to take a look at my Buddy's daughters Forester. It "lost power" last week accompanied by a "rattling marbles" sound. They had it towed to a shop (the owner, a good, long term mechanic, really doesn't "like" anything that doesn't have a small block Chevy). They looked at it and proclaimed that it "has low compression and needs a new engine". It has 160K miles (this is usually NOTHING to a Subaru). It also has not had a timing belt replacement. My first thing will be to pull the left cover and check the timing belt, timing alignment, and for excessive slack. The Forester, once a creampuff, has been basically trashed by the daughter. I told him that it could probably be replaced with a same year, walking and talking Forester for less that the 3K he was quoted for a used engine replacement.
Also, there is an EJ25 on our local craigslist. The guy wants 500.00 for it, says it needs a head gasket, and head gaskets are included with it. Well, for 650, there are local dealers selling JDM EJ25s. For a hundred fifty more... (yes, I consider that even a JDM should probably get a timing belt and water pump minimum).
I'm no respecter of mileage - either high or low. I've seen cars with 200K miles and a history of good care that were like new. I've seen cars with low mileage that are junk.
On a "high mileage" engine, I usually like to look inside the oil fill cap. Is it clean? Does it look clean down inside the hole? What does the oil look like?
Is there a coating of "funk" inside the cap, and build up on what you can see through the oil fill hole? Black oil? These would make me skeptical. I also consider the overall condition of the rest of the car. FWIW, in the 45 plus years I have been driving, I've owned close to 100 cars. Dennis
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