Hid kits ? Any luck

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Hid kits ? Any luck

Post by tonys123 »

06 Turbo
I was wondering if anyone had success with installing a hid kit
I've tried a few things but driving lights seem to work intermittently ( left one will be out the hop in car again then the both work, then next time I turn on right one won't start the both sometimes)

high beams are hid also they turn on togeater 99.98% of the time so I just have been driving with high beams on ...
I tried the relay kit not help
Then i tried unplugging drl with no relay no luck
Next step I'll but in relay with drl unplugged and if that doesn't work I gotta try a capacitor I guess
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Re: Hid kits ? Any luck

Post by anarchy1024 »

I have an HID kit, and they work well. For the headlights, you need to make positive and negative power wires are going into the ballast correctly. On mine, red was NOT positive... Also, the DRLs appear to work by sending a lower voltage to the headlights, which the HIDs don't like. You'll need to disable the DRLs (and ideally, wire something else up to act as DRLs; some Audis use the fog lights as DRLs, so that's what I'm doing). I didn't need to use any relays because they use less power than the stock headlights (I think the stock lights are 50W-60W) at the same voltage.

One additional thing I needed to do was add a capacitor inline on the switch side of the circuit, because my headlight switch appears to be wearing out. Intermittently, when activating the turn signal, the power to the headlights would be interrupted momentarily (tiny fraction of a second) but was enough for the HID ballast to reset.
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