Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

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Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by Clint »

Does anyone know what it would take to put a 6-speed manual transmission into a 5-speed Baja? My '05 Turbo 5-speed's transmission is starting to whine (145,000 miles) and since it is likely going to need replacing soon, might as well upgrade it right? Which ones will work? What will need to be converted along with it? I have a local garage anxious to do the work/project, but we'll need advice from Subaru-experts as to what all is compatible and what is not.
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by bulldozer24 »

If i were you i would look up some swaps some wrx people have done and see what they did. I highly doubt you will find one done in a baja. as for your whining issue it might just be your throw out bearing which would be much cheaper than an sti 6-speed.

Also you will probably have to pay 3-4 grand for a good used sti tranny
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by hocrest »

All you would need to swap would be the shift linkage, propeller shaft and the rear diff. If you want the dccd there are aftermarket controllers that you can add.
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by STI2NR »

Since I own both a 2005 STI and a 2005 baja turbo 5 speed I have researched this hands on numerous times.

You will need the ENTIRE 6 speed transmission, axles, rear diff, and an automatic baja transmission driveshaft.

If your transmission is whining replace your rear diff, that's what my noise was and was fixed after I blew it in the snow and replaced it. It's just play in the rear diff causing noise transferred through the pitch mount.

I replaced mine with a 2010 forester rear diff with less than 10k miles on it.
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by bodoble »

Bumping this because I too am looking at doing this. (03 Baja, non-turbo, 5spd)

If anyone has been successful at this, which transmission did you use?
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by ZUBAJA »

Having looked "lightly" at this, I have to ask What is your goal? From my research, the high gear revs are still going to be the same. I don't recall the lower gears to be much better. All you really gain is an extra gear to shift. If you're after a higher top gear (less revs) there is a 5th gear swap that is much easier. Dennis
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Re: Baja 5-speed to 6-speed conversion?

Post by mike-tracy »

After 2007, the 6mt's no longer contain a speedo gear for your ecu/gauge cluster. There are workarounds that cost money, but you could just avoid those issues by buying one that comes with a speedo gear.

Dccd is mostly gimmick unless you rally. You could save a bit of money and get a Japanese 6mt without it. Plus if you get one and don't pay for a dccd controller, you'll have the worst experience in snow and everywhere else the AWD shines.
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