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Re: Tires. We all need em - Heres the Thread for em .

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I just did some measurement and I will be able to fit 215/70-16 General Grabber AT2's even before I put in the 1" lift. Will send pics. Keep threatening to take the wheels off the wife's 2018 Crosstrek. Will have my eye out on a set of take offs
EDIT*** Went with tire with no known fitment issue 215/65-60 (mainly due to killer deal $100/ea from Walmart) These AT2's are easily as good as the KO2's I have had on other vehicles. Kinda wish I had the 215/70 but these will work out great for the trails.
Pics from the morning grocery run...
'06 Baja, Black, 1" Lift, 215/65 Generals
'18 Crosstrek, Sunshine Orange
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