2005 Baja Turbo, 2004 STi ECU 'plug and play'?

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2005 Baja Turbo, 2004 STi ECU 'plug and play'?

Post by Sarra »

I'm fighting dieing injectors, and want to mod this thing to the moon. I contacted a tuner who only works with AccessPort tuning, and was informed that the 2004 STi ECU is plug and play. Goggling shows that the DCCD and rear diff temp sensor being missing throws codes, which isn't really a huge issue for me, I can literally go in with RomRAIDER and just disable the codes.

Is the plug and play bit true? I also am planning on doing a 6MT STi gearbox swap in the future, how hard would it be to get the DCCD wired up to the ECU properly? I was looking at a 2006 STi gearbox I think, it's whichever one is compatible with the Spec B axles. I would also be swapping the R180 in as well.
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Re: 2005 Baja Turbo, 2004 STi ECU 'plug and play'?

Post by PizzaWrench »

Dude, like 10 posts down on this same page...

Yes you can use an 04 sti ecu but will need a tune.
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