Slight Fuel Smell from exhaust

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Slight Fuel Smell from exhaust

Post by gblarry »

My 06 Baja seems to be pushing too much fuel or not enough air into the mix, so it smells like gas. Not to the point of white smoke or anything like that, I'm just a sniffer at heart. It has had the usual 85K head, ring and timing fix and now has 120K and runs great with about 23 mpg overall both city and trip driving.

Any suggestions that might get me a little cleaner cylinder burn and possibly a pinch better mpg?

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Re: Slight Fuel Smell from exhaust

Post by hobierandy »

Mine does it, but only when cold. Try changing brands of gas if you consistently buy one brand/grade. Otherwise, o2 sensor probably has the biggest effect on this, or EGR.
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Re: Slight Fuel Smell from exhaust

Post by greymud »

Are you sure it's the exhaust? It could be a pinhole in the fuel line.
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