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Bed Extender

Post by Bajaj »

My wife had this new business, selling ornamental plants. For deliveries and pick up requires me to get additional space so I bought this online Anyone got review on this item or any better suggestion?
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Re: Bed Extender

Post by mike-tracy »

It's easy to install, I like the extra space it gives.

Each side has a strap that you have to adjust to stop the extender from bouncing. It's a minor thing, but I don't like that you have to readjust the straps each time you extend or retract the extender. Other than that I really like it.
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Re: Bed Extender

Post by kensei »

I was looking at the installation instructions in the link that you included and noticed in #7 that Subaru's intention is for you to clip the extender down when you have it folded and the tailgate is closed. Never knew that and wondered what those were for...

At any rate, Bajaj, it would seem that this would be a good solution for you, assuming that ornamental plants are relatively short or easy to lift. The only issue I have found that if you are loading something boxy, such as a dresser, the bed extender can be a bit of a PITA. Because of the way it removes/installs from the top position, if you have something too big, you just have to lower the tailgate and bed extender and then lift the boxy item over the bed extender. I have found it easier for items like that to just leave the bed extender off and strap down whatever it is from as many points as possible. If your plants are in trays or even in individual pots, I think it would work just fine, provided you have means to keep them from sliding around.
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