Sunroof issues

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Re: Sunroof issues

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ZUBAJA wrote: Sun May 24, 2020 4:37 pm Thank you for the schematic. It only took me about an hour and a half to take things apart and come up with that on a sheet of paper by tracing wires (I also drew up a schematic for inside the module box).
Wish ANY of it helped.
Originally, when working correctly, push the open button back and it opened. Push it forward and it closed partially, push it again and it closes completely. That's they way it is SUPPOSED to work. I never really used the tilt / vent option (didn't know what it was - I figured "up and down" were for the antenna (WRONG).
Currently, it seems to do whatever it wants. I have to mess with the up and down button, and then it will open. Push close, and it closes almost all the way, and I have to finish closing it with the up - down button. I have 2 motor / module assemblies, my original, and one I took from a Legacy sedan yesterday. I have 2 sets of switches. I can swap any of it around and I get the same results. I went so far as removing the entire headliner to see if maybe there was another micro switch in the track I didn't know about. There isn't. I did find that I have a rust issue in the R/R corner of my roof under the cargo rail :roll:. I also wanted to pull the headliner to clean it. The P.O. hauled a bunch of little kids and a dog around the the headliner was very dirty. Some spot cleaning seems to indicate it will clean up okay.
Oh, did I mention that it rained today :shock:. Fortunately, I had the roof all in the closed position before that started.
I will post pics of what I did in case it helps someone else.DSCN1669.JPGDSCN1670.JPGDSCN1671.JPG
I just got my hands on an '05 non-turbo and have been figuring out its kinks. The sun roof stopped working today so I pulled the dome light cover off and played with the switches and wires. Seems like it's probably a bad wire to one of the switches. But question for you on the pictures with the headliner down. Do the speaker wires go overhead? My stereo only seems to work when the outside temp gets pretty warm. Like 88 deg. I basically have a Delorean! I wonder if I have some pinched wires up there...
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Re: Sunroof issues

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harleyjohn45 wrote: Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:17 pm
mike-tracy wrote: Fri May 22, 2020 9:16 pm
harleyjohn45 wrote: Fri May 22, 2020 7:44 pm You guys just revealed another problem I have. My sun roof opens fine, but when I close it, it goes a few inches then stops, hit the switch again and it closes all the way. I'm still trying to find something that worked correctly on my Baja.
John, that's a safety feature that all Subaru sunroofs have, so children's (or even adult's) hands don't get caught in there when closing.
Thanks Mike, I was getting nervous. I'm still waiting for my mechanic to get back in town to get the new valve cover gasket installed. I think that's where the oil smell is coming from. I have not been driving it, because of the oil smell.
Just remember John, a Subaru that leaks oil is a running Subaru! :lol:
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Re: Sunroof issues

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Don't know od any speaker wires up in the roof. It was limited to the sunroof, rear view mirror compass, and some light wiring for the back. Radios, being very electronic, can be temperature sensitive.
One thing I found is the sunroof motor is "timed" to the sunroof drive. If the motor is removed , the gears need to be back in the same position they were in before removal. The little cam detents and micro switches are all for specific positions of the sunroof (I.E. fully closed, fully open). Dennis
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