Bad headlights

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Bad headlights

Post by Squarehappy »

I got my baja in January of this year, and the headlights have always sucked, I got new bulbs and that helped a little bit, but I'm planning to move more into the country and will need better lights. The dims and the high beams are both bad and usually you can't even tell the difference between them. What should I do?
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Re: Bad headlights

Post by tonys123 »

I love hid kits I fit 2 in each housing one for hi one for low

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Re: Bad headlights

Post by kamesama980 »

Don't just shove HIDs in reflector housings, heat issues aside (melted connectors and housings), beam pattern's usually terrible. Fix the root of the problem: If the housings are cloudy, clean them (headlight polishing kits are $10-25 at any auto parts store or online with a few DIY hacks for even less). If the chrome paint is peeling from the reflectors, replace them. Also check the aim, you'd be amazed how many car's lights aren't aimed properly and how few people know how to aim them right.
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