Diy bed cover

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Diy bed cover

Post by alisaalthaus »

I have a 2005 Baja. I would love to make a bed cover for it. I thought about diamond plate but could go vinyl. Unsure where to start. I googled everything I could on this. Unfortunately, the few places with pictures have been deleted due to image companies demanding money or shutting down. I am not sure what to use to frame the bed for the cover. Any ideas, instructions, etc would be great. Thanks!
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Re: Diy bed cover

Post by canuck37 »

I made one years ago.

Material list included:
Cardboard pieces
1/2" birch marine grade plywood
1/2" automotive felt padding
Black marine grade vinyl
2" x 4ft. stainless steel piano hinge
4 short bungee cords
4 stainless eye screws.

Made a template from cardboard (carefully!)
Cut 2 pieces of plywood based on the template (pivot at the beauty bars)
Covered the plywood pieces with auto felt for padding, using spray contact cement
Covered both pieces with the vinyl (stapled underneath)
Attached the piano hinge to the underside of the 2 pieces, so the cover opens up properly.
Attached the 4 eye screws to the underside corners, above where the bed hooks are located.[/list][/list]

Hooked bungees to each corner, to hold the cover in place.

This worked like a charm, looked good and lasted for years in the California sunshine until I got an ARE cap and passed the cover on to another owner.

It wasn't 100% waterproof, but kept mostly dry inside, maybe a bit in the floor channels during a downpour but I always put things in plastic tubs when traveling anyway.

Probably cost me less that $75 total in materials, and a day or 2 fun labor!
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