Front bed drain question

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Front bed drain question

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Hi All, So I've had the baja out of service now for a few weeks for a much needed cosmetic overhaul. I've just about taken the entire rear end apart cleaning and repairing rust. Today I took the bedliner floor out and I noticed something that I thought was peculiar. In the front end of the floor bedliner, there are 2 oval drains a few inches to the left and right of body center line (usually clogged with crap). Underneath the one on the left (driver's) side, I have a duct that directs the water from this drain out behind the rear wheel. The drain on the right has no such duct. Water just falls straight through to the ground or on top of some sheet metal. Has anyone ever noticed this too? I was wondering if I am missing the little duct work on the right side??

Thanks in advance, Peace!
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Re: Front bed drain question

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I just figured this one out the other day I don't think their is one if you look at your liner you'll notice a difference on that sides drain mold .. I think the left one was to keep it off exhaust or something. ...

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