EJ25 exhaust compatibility question

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EJ25 exhaust compatibility question

Post by kingair130 »

Good day,

I noticed over the years maybe people like myself run into questions with parts and components on our Bajas.
My current situation is my exhaust manifold has corroded so badly, I've gotten it welded and patched 2 times in the last month and new leaks keep spawning. It's gotten so bad I have to drive with my windows cracked because the fumes are so bad. I've been searching Ebay, Amazon, car-part.com etc...and wondering if anyone knows if the manifold for the impreza will fit on the baja? Seems those are very easy to come across, but not so much the Baja.

Also, wondering if anyone has ever made a list of compatibility for parts for our bajas that mach other models/years etc?

Thanks everyone for years of valuable information!
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Re: EJ25 exhaust compatibility question

Post by whitrzac »

Any ej25 header in the 'v' shape will fit.

Catpipe should be the same as well, but I'm not 100%.

They changed the design around 2005 to the style that wraps around and goes down the passanger side, i don't know if these fit.
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