Tents for the bed

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Tents for the bed

Post by mm2783 »

Has anyone found a tent that can fit the bed?
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Re: Tents for the bed

Post by reesiespisces1281 »

I have submitted a request for a custom order with pickupspecialties.com in hopes they can create a collapsible topper (since ARE seems to have discontinued production of their Z Extra Short Series fiberglass topper in the last 6 months). I just sent the email, so no response yet.

There are tents available on that website, but I don't know that any will fit perfectly - perhaps you can contact them for a custom order of your own?
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Re: Tents for the bed

Post by starr- »

I wouldn't be surprised if a chevy avalanche tent could be forced to fit.

I like it here.... [smilie=cheeky-grin.gif]
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