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Custom Bed Caps

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I didn't really want to pay $10 per plastic cap, and wasn't too attached to the look or function of the stock caps. I made a few tries with some special nuts, but that didn't really work. I tried the plastic Acura caps mentioned elsewhere, but they didn't really fit on my bed.

The solution that for me was threaded rivets. Here's what you'll need:
From McMaster:
91116A150 - 18mm stainless washer (qty: 50, cost: $6.16)
93482A681 - 1/4-20 threaded rivets (qty: 25, cost: $7.15)
98164A211 - 1/4-20 1/2" long button cap screw (qty: 25, cost: $8.13)

Note: I used the 7/16" length bolts. You can probably go up to about 3/4". The 7/16" are a little short - Only got maybe a full turn or 2 of thread engagement. I'd try the 1/2" part that I listed here or a bit more if I were you.

If you don't have a threaded rivet gun, you'll need to get one of those as well. Or borrow one. I used this one from Harbor Freight: ... -1210.html

I know, now you are thinking 'Gee, fancy pants here spent like $50 instead of buying a couple of caps for $20'. Guilty. But I've got a lifetime supply of caps, and even the ones I have won't fall off ever again.

You may need to drill out a smidge from the slots in the sheet metal, or you may be able to squeeze the rivets in as is. I drilled them out, but not by very much.

Lastly, hit me up if you are in the Durham, NC area. I have some extras.
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