A new twist on tire chains...

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A new twist on tire chains...

Post by canuck37 »

OK, we have debated the whole tire chain issue for years here, I know. However, I recently was talking with the Service Manager of the new Subie dealer I am going to these days about the issue, to get his perspective. I figured it would be the same old story "NO" tire chains, as per the manual due to no clearance on front axles with stock tire size
, etc.....

Anyway, he said if there is need for chains (real or "legislated" like we have rules for here in Calif. during certain road conditions that the Highways Dept. feels they are required), he would install them on the REAR tires!! He said they would have the same effect, and there is plenty of clearance there, with fewer things like axles, etc. to get whacked if one broke, etc..

This is a completely new idea to me and I would appreciate some of the Subie techs out there commenting on his pitch. Seemed to make sense to me, but then I am no specialist for sure! What say you???

If this would solve the issue that some of us that live in States that require chains during certain winter road conditions, regardless if we have good tires, AWD, etc., then we may have a winner here. Otherwise, maybe the guy is misguided and needs straightening out.......

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Re: A new twist on tire chains...

Post by andylyco »

Last weekend I used generic chains I bought from Walmart, on the front wheels (factory wheels and Potenzas) and had no issues with rubbing. I was plowing through snow that was piling up on the hood of the car.
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