Baja Roll on Liner

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Re: Baja Roll on Liner

Post by YBajaSteve »

Alpha Wolf wrote: How well is the roll on holding up ie bonding to the plastic?
Well he answers your question before you asked. I never said anything about his comments being a long term for sure thing. and you didnt say anything about long term orignally either. We are going to need more info from him as time goes by, if all turns out well, looks like something very promising to keep in mind once the weather gets nice and i can get some stuff done outside.
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Re: Baja Roll on Liner

Post by RickBaja06 »

Spring in here and I have been using the Baja to haul multiple bags of dirt and seed. Items with no sharp edges have no effect on the bed liner. The material stays were you placed it.

However, I did haul away 120lbs of metal from an above ground pool to the recycling center. The metal did cause some of the liner to lift and peel. The area that peeled was 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and was located only at the thin sections that I coated near the tie downs. This was caused by the sharp edges of the metal rubbing against the material and cutting it. Bottom portion of the bed showed no signs of stress.

Note: The repairs to the peeled section of liner took less than 5 minutes and 12hrs to dry. Looks good as new.

So far the lessons learned:
Herculiner was never designed to stick to PolyPro plastic Baja Beds.
It will however stick to it for light duty use and a super non-skid surface. (My main reason for apply it)

Wpuld I apply this to the exterior of the Baja, no not really. It would look aggressive and protect the plastic panels, but from experiance with Herculiner used on my Dodge Dakota back in 1998, it will fade to a chalky black almost dark grey. UV stability may have been improved but only time will tell.

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Re: Baja Roll on Liner

Post by Alpha Wolf »

Thanks Rick,

That is kind of what I expected. Our plastic beds are very slick and I assume you did not sand it up prior to applying the coating? Or did you?

Still seems like an option for non-skid on the bottom. Or to hide any damage ie scratches in the bed area.
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Re: Baja Roll on Liner

Post by Emsanon »

I need to do something like that. The back of my Baja is torn to shreds. I'm not sure what the previous ownder had in there but there are tons to dings, gouges, scratches, etc. It's not very pretty. :P I want to get rid of the chewed up plastic and replace it with something else. [smilie=bunny.gif]
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Re: Baja Roll on Liner

Post by Snorkeled »

YBajaSteve wrote:
jaxed wrote:What about applying it to the body cladding... That seems like it might be cool.


Ive wondered about doing something like this for a long time, this is just a quick photo shop i did, this is what i would ultimately do to my baja if i ever had to get it repainted.
I think with a mudrat bumper and the paint setup you have going on in the pic would turn out AWESOME !! I really like the way that looks !
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