Subaru Baja MPG thread

General talk about the Subaru Baja.

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Re: Subaru Baja MPG thread

Post by greymud »


The second one wasn't a full tank and goofed up the whole thing. 05 NA 5MT Bought just last year.
05 NA 5MT
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Re: Subaru Baja MPG thread

Post by ryu »

'03 n/a 5-speed manual, 191k miles. Getting around 22mpg, mostly city miles. I'm hoping for better, this is my first daily with a manual so I've been a little hard on it by accident a couple times :lol:
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Re: Subaru Baja MPG thread

Post by CRUCK_1T »

Year/engine type/ miles on car: 06, non-turbo 5 speed MT, 84k
gas: 87 regular
driving style: moderate to aggressive
mileage type (city/highway): mostly city 80%/20%
mods of note: none yet
MPG: 20-21
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Re: Subaru Baja MPG thread

Post by Aetrox »

Driving an ‘05 turbo with a 5mt and 176k on the odometer.

Driving is mostly very short trips 3.5 miles, back and fort to work, in town. Weekends have longer routes still effectively ‘in town’ driving.

No significant mods, a basic stock model.

If I do not pay attention and just drive, 17.5 mpg
If I put effort in to it, I can squeak 20.5 mpg out of it.

I suspect the previous owner played around with the ecu maps because anything less than 91 octane, and the engine complains, a lot. If I try to give it 87 it will try to rattle apart at anything above an idle. However if the temp is below 70 at 2700 rpm it’s alterego engages. This card alterego thinks it is John Buffum.
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