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Q3 Build Calendar

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:15 pm
by Skemcin
Gorilla Light Bar (all versions) and Adjustable Trailing Arm
Monday, July 9 = Begin accepting deposits
Wednesday, August 15 = All deposits due
Thursday, August 23 = Production Begins
Wednesday, August 30 = All final payments (or arrangements) due
Monday, September 3 = Ship orders

Gorilla Top Mounted Air Intake (MAP & MAF)
Saturday, August 18 - MAF Intake Fabrication
Monday, August 22 = Begin accepting deposits
Friday September 14 = Deposits Due
Friday, September 21 = Production Begins
Wednesday, September 26 = Final Payments Due
Monday, October 1 = Ship orders

NOTE: All dates subject to change based on demand, availability of materials, work load changes, natural disasters, and injury or death.

Re: Q3 Build Calendar

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:13 am
by Skemcin
Hello all.

Due to our somewhat last minute decision to become a sponsor of the upcoming Ojibwe Forest Rally on August 25 we have decided to push our production schedule back a couple weeks. This will allow for our promotion efforts to take affect, so to speak. As I reviewed our calendar I realized that any sales coming from the rally would require another production run to be scheduled. So, in the interest of being more productive and more efficient, I felt it would be in our best interest to post-pone the schedule.

The revised schedule also collapses all products into the same run - rather than staggering them as before. Here is where we are at this point.

Light Bar (all versions), Intake (all versions), Trailing Arm (all version)
Deposits for all accepted now.
Thu. Sep. 06 = All Deposits Due
Thu. Sep. 13 = Production Begins
Wed. Sep. 19 = All Final Payments Due
Fri. Sep. 21 = Packing & Shipping (throughout the weekend)

Other News
We have a few builds we are working on scheduling too. The cars include 87 GL Wagon, a 97 Legacy, a 11 Forester, and a 11 WRX

Re: Q3 Build Calendar

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:53 am
by Skemcin
We're shipping bars out this week from the production run we just finished. As it turns out, we had enough material to make a couple extra bars and guess what - we have one Baja bar ready for your options. Let me know if you're interested.