Those crazy Japanese

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Those crazy Japanese

Post by jaxed »

Those crazy japanese are at it again - modding Suzuki mini-vans to look like VW Buses...

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Post by bajafresh »

Haha :lol: thats funny were do you find these pics? jaXed you've done it again.
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Post by cliffhanger »

they may be crazy, but... why do i want all of these wierd cars so bad [smilie=madking.gif] [smilie=exclam-mark.gif]
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Post by bajabob »

for some more wacky stuff check out this painfully slow loading page ... 05676.html

Oooh the new subaru T1 and RS1 are an improvement over the tribeca.

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Post by mbaksic »

[smilie=holyshit.gif] They sure do alot of customizing to those vans. Pretty neat, its nice to see something different out in the world, especially since we don't see that sort of van here. Great job on finding the pics everyone!! Always somethin neat here!!! Mike