1979 Subara Brat WRX-ifieid

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1979 Subara Brat WRX-ifieid

Post by lordcharper »

Hi All,

I am seriously considering the purchase of the Brat reflected in the link below and I am new to the Brat world. I wanted to get some input from you all on what I should look for and your general thoughts on the mods. I am looking for an interesting rig to use as my weekend runner for lumber and supplies for projects and the brat seems like an awesome candidate. This particular one drew my eye as it seems like it has some great potential. Please let me know what you think:

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Re: 1979 Subara Brat WRX-ifieid

Post by Rosscoe »

I looked at that pickup last summer (before it sold) it is a project. Has big potential. Unfortunately the wiring harness was not replaced at the time of everything else. Great year/era. Good luck.
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