help! please! my brat is toast if you dont!

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help! please! my brat is toast if you dont!

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I tried to email the guy at subaru no lucks.

Hey I love my brat a lot. I have an 86 subaru brat (ea81) and I've done a lot of work just getting it to be a daily driver. I recent pulled the engine to overhaul, I had a cracked oil pump.  Anyways block is good and I got it back together. But the heads have cracks between the valves. I really need a set of heads. I really can't give up it. I'm so close to being done. I got to get this engine out of the living room and back in the car or the wife will kill me. Thanks!

So far i have:
Rebuilt carb
New struts/shocks
New brake everything
New cv axles
New tires
Driven it alot!
In the middle of a total engine overhauls.

I need cylinder heads please help!!
Phone me at (210) fore!59-5753
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