84 brat cranks but wont start

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84 brat cranks but wont start

Post by wkirk08 »

hey everybody, new here. just bought an 84 brat yesterday with 148k. the guy i bought it from said it would need a new battery, telling me that prior to that, it would start and run with a jump start, but if it sat overnight, it would need jumped again..but that a new battery would fix that problem.

anyway, the 2 hour drive home, i had two instances where the car died while idling, but i put it in park and fired it right back up.

fast forward to today, i put a new battery in, turn the key and i get it to crank, but not turn over/start . where should i begin with this? spark plugs, or farther down the line, distributor/etc?

any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: 84 brat cranks but wont start

Post by sxe111 »

I had the same problem with my 85 and 86 Brat. Try running a power wire from the battery to the coil. you might have a bad connection somewhere. Remember fuel, air and spark. If you are missing or have reduced any one of these your engine will not run very well or at all. Or you could do what I did and replaced the engine with an EJ 2.2 out of a 1995 Subaru wagon. Had to splice in the 95 wire harness and computer but overall it wasn't that hard. Doubled the horse power. Good luck
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